Behind the Scenes

Here, I share my thoughts, decisions, mistakes, and lessons in the journey of Cartimize that started back in Jan 2019. I don’t know where this is taking me, but am starting with the Linear Checkout for WooCommerce plugin.

Amrit Anandh

Shelving the project

It’s been a few months of fixing compatibility issues and even though that’s not the best place to be in, we wanted to serve our current users well. But I just

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Too many options, too many decisions

In addition to facing compatibility issues trying to implement the optimizations alongside the WooCommerce checkout, another thing that started bothering me was giving the control of enabling and disabling the optimizations

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Issues with templates

Before launching the public beta, we had the WooCommerce Checkout Optimization plugin tested with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins and were pretty confident that we’ll be able to achieve what we

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My motivation

I have always marveled at how good UX sits right at the confluence of simplicity and functionality. And how all of us can benefit from the absence of the unnecessary. But

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