Thoughts on Pricing – Reach Vs. Sustainability.

To self: “What would a dream reach for the plugin be like?”
Self: “Every single WooCommerce store using the plugin.”

That’s what it would look like. But realistically, I would be happy if I could reach a large number of WooCommerce stores over a certain period of time and get them to at least check it out once. For the ones who do see value in it, it’s going to be a matter of “What do I have to exchange in order to start getting the value.” In other words, “What does it cost and is it worth it?”

To accomplish my goal of maximizing the reach of the plugin, what if the plugin had no entry barrier? Can I give it absolutely for Free so that a question of affordability is thrown out the window? But if the plugin does not generate any revenue how are you going to sustain growth?

The answer: The Freemium model.

Right from InfiniteWP and for all other products, we have followed the Freemium model of pricing. We give a base set of features for free so that everyone can use the product and a subset of users can pay for more advanced features. This way, the product is self-sufficient and we can set and work on long-term goals.

With our WooCommerce checkout plugin, I am planning to give a major chunk (around 80%) of optimizations for Free and make available an advanced set of features as a Premium offering. This way there’s a balance between the reach of the plugin and the sustainability of the product in the long-term in terms of product development and support.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.
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