E-Commerce UX Audit

What are the 20 most important changes you can make to your e-commerce user experience?

A usability expert from Cartimize will perform a full analysis of your site based on the findings from 61,000+ hours of e-commerce usability research.

A detailed audit report across all 6 focus areas with 20 prioritized, actionable suggestions for improvements will be delivered. Each of these 20 suggestions will explain the identified usability issue, the suggested change, and provide best practice implementation examples from leading e-commerce sites.


Homepage & Category Navigation

Design and user experience of your homepage, usability of main navigation, product range interpretation, best practise carousel implementation, proper use of filters vs. categories etc.


Search Function Experience

Search logic, search field design, auto-complete, results layout and filtering etc.


Product Lists & Filtering

Effective product discovery, product list design, best practise product filtering and sorting etc.


Product Details Pages

Product page layout, images, gallery, UX of the ‘Buy’ section, implementation of variations, user reviews etc.


The Checkout Process

Checkout form efficiency, account creation, payment flow, gifting flow, order review etc.


Mobile Specific

Mobile homepage, navigation, categories, product lists, product page layout, checkout form usability, touch considerations etc.

Convert more visitors into buyers

You spend time & money to get quality traffic to your store. What good is it when the shopping experience is not exceptional? Understand your customers’ struggles, delight them with a thoughtfully-crafted shopping experience, make them checkout faster and come back for more.

Who Are the UX Audits for?

E-commerce Store Owners

Benchmark your store’s UX against state-of-the-art e-commerce sites and understand where resources are best spent.

Web Agencies

Get your client e-commerce design, prototype or website reviewed by a fresh set of unbiased eyes to identify tweaks and improvements. Pro-tip: Getting your prototype audited is way cheaper than a re-code later.

What Will It Cost?

Please get in touch with us for the cost of audits of specific focus areas or a full-site desktop and mobile UX. Once we have a better understanding of your store and any specific areas we need to focus on, we’ll be able to work out the cost and the timeframe better.

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