Hey, let’s talk about the WooCommerce checkout.

We love WooCommerce not just because it’s a great software or even a tool. We love it because of what it represents for each one of us.

For an entrepreneur, it might be a catalyst to drive change and an enabler of realizing their dreams. For a ceramic artist, it might be a channel for monetizing their creative energy. And for many, it might be a support system that empowers them to take care of their family.


…it is no secret that those of us who have invested our time and energy into a WooCommerce-powered business, deserve a better-performing checkout. In spite of how important it is, I would dare say, for some reason, building The Best Checkout in the World has not been a priority.

Some would say the default checkout is meant to be customized and improved to one’s own needs. But hey, everyone needs to start somewhere and that somewhere is clunky, counter-intuitive and way below average.

The global abandonment rate of e-commerce carts is high, to begin with, and I know certain factors are not under our control as store owners. But with the ones that are, it’s almost criminal to create even more hurdles and potholes for shoppers to stumble on.

As we set out to tackle this problem, we took up the responsibility of having a user-experience-based, data-driven approach to designing the checkout flow.

  • How does the flow make shoppers feel? Does it feel joyful? Or is it frustrating?
  • How soon can shoppers get from Step 1 to Step 4?
  • Is the whole process intuitive and keeps shoppers in a state of flow?
  • How often do they have to pause because something was not explained properly?
  • Are there any unnecessary clicks on their journey to successfully placing their order?

We have based all design and user-experience decisions on 134 checkout-specific guidelines distilled from Baymard Institute‘s 54,000+ hours of large-scale e-commerce UX research. The very same research used by leading e-commerce companies like Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Target, Google, Macy’s and Office Depot to name a few.

Here’s a glimpse into what’s to come…

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A considerably more chic than shabby redo, a rethink, a simplified, clutter-free, timeless reintroduction of the Checkout flow, all underpinned by a strict rationale. A fresh start, the way it should be.

Coming soon to all Woo-powered stores near you. And yours too. For free! 🙂

Update #1 (July 23): The plugin is the final stages of development. It should be ready for launch in a few weeks’ time after a few rounds of internal testing.

Update #2 (Aug 21): After fixing issues identified during the first round of internal testing, the plugin has now passed to the second round. If everything goes as planned, I expect the beta package to be ready in 2 – 3 weeks.

Update #3 (Sep 17): The Private Beta Program has been launched to a small group who are testing the plugin, reporting bugs and requesting features. Are you game for the beta? Start a chat on the bottom right.

Update #4 (Nov 30): The plugin is Live at https://wordpress.org/plugins/linear-checkout-for-woo-by-cartimize/

– Amrit Anandh
Founder, Cartimize.

P.S. Here are 15 fundamental issues we have with the default WooCommerce checkout as we know it.

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